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Steel Crash Barrier Rail (Heavy Duty)
Installing and Contracting
Every year millions of people are involved in motor vehicle accidents. To avoid this unfortunate reality, guardrails are becoming commonplace along interstates, bridges, highways, and more recently, secondary two-lane roads. As an experience and well equipped crew and personal , Memaco steel is an expert in guardrail installation and maintenance.

Guardrails Parts

Steel Crash Barrier Rail
• Galvanised steel, Crash Barrier Rail can be assembled to any length and installed to suit your site. Each section of Barrier Rail is pre-punched for bolt down foundation fixing posts in the middle and at each end.
• Steel Crash Barrier Rail is designed to protect your property and reduce the risk of accidental damage. Vehicles of all types and sizes reversing and manoeuvring around sites can cause damage to walls, loading decks and security fencing.
• Steel Crash Rail Barrier is manufactured in standard 4.32 meter lenght. When assemled, the Crash Barrier Rail is securely overlapped 4 meter at each joint becoming a 4.16 meter effective length when the buffer rail is installed in a continious run.Protecting property, safety installation and landscaping from low speed impacts.
• Our standard steel rails have many applications for off the highway use. The adaptable steel barrier system can be installed in either single or double height row. Each steel barrier rail is prepunched for either locating posts at each end of overlapping joints. For heavy duty installations there is middle slot punched into each rail to take an additional middle post.

• Ease of installation
• Hot Galvanised Steel
• Bolt Down/grout in post system
• Robust Construction
• Application Flexibility
• Recommended for high speed Roadways
Steel Crash Barrier Rail (The Bolt Down "I" Posts)